+++Our call is open!+++

Are you from Palestine, Lebanon or Jordan?
Are you a social activist or engaged in civil society?
Do you believe in a pluralistic and democratic society?
Do you want to fight for peaceful social change?
Then we think you are the perfect match for us!
We would like to help you to spread your message and effectively reach your audience and goals by providing knowledge and tools for campaign management.
We are looking for young leaders (and leaders-to-be) from Arab civil society, media, science and politics.
You will be enabled to start innovative and effective campaigns to promote a social issue of your choice during …
… a series of online classes with experts from all fields of social campaigning
… intensive consultation by the elda team
… a week-long seminar in Aqaba
… share your experience in the social campaigning school podcast
… a live broadcast where the most successful projects are awarded with cash prices up to 1,500 Euro at the 12 monkey award.

There is no participation fee – generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.
Apply now for our exclusive and innovative social campaigning school!

What are you passionate about?

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