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A functioning democracy requires more than procedural rules or accountability. Democracy is a process of value-driven interactions. It rests on attitudes and on the arts of debating and civil engagement. In  short: democracy is not possible without leadership and public communication

Since 2014, elda european leadership and debate academy addresses these issues by engaging young leaders from South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East in an innovative learning experience, offering skills and instilling attitudes that empower a new generation of responsible and active citizens.


elda seminars

elda european leadership and debate academy addresses young leaders from civil society, media and politics. Conducted in English the elda seminars consist of theoretical inputs and joint discussions on key competences and challenges associated with public communication and journalism in the age of digital media.

Special emphasis is placed on practical case studies and joint project work where the newly-acquired knowledge can be applied. Moreover connecting alumni of the seminars with each other is an integral part of the project from its very beginning.

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