The elda team comprises renowned experts from media, politics and academia with extensive experience in strategy, political communication and civic activism.

Christian Stahl works as political consultant, author and filmmaker. He is the founder of Stahlmedien and co-founder of elda and advises politicians, NGOs and the private sector.

Sabine Abi Aad is a project partner in Middle East with her organization “She Dares”. She has two master’s degrees in political public administrative science and mass communication, and 17+ years of increasing experience in the field of external relations, communication, campaigning, and advocacy.

Sergiy Pudich is a film maker and producer. Originally from Odessa, he has served as project coordinator for elda in Eastern Europe, editor and filmmaking coach.

Margo Tarakhtiy has worked as a professional ballet dancer, copywriter and music teacher before joining elda in 2023 as project coordinator for our Eastern Europe programs and projects.

Michael Geller

Michael Geller curated several theatre projects and worked for a well-known theatre company in Berlin as Assistant Director and Production Manager. Geller is  Strategic Director at Stahlmedien and Concept Developer for elda.

Steffi Klein

Steffi Klein is a cultural scientist and singer based in Berlin. After working for several theatres, she is now subeditor at Stahlmedien and female leadership coach and project developer for elda.

Jessica Jorgas studied cultural sciences, history and theatre sciences in Berlin. She worked for a well-known theatre company in Berlin. Jorgas is Art Director at Stahlmedien and coach for elda.

Dr. Leonard Novy is a political consultant and author. He serves as co-director of the Institute of Media and Communications Policy is co-founder of elda. He studied in Berlin, Cambridge and Harvard.

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