“Female Future for Ukraine” is a project that empowers and connects female leaders from Ukrainian civil society, equipping them with leadership skills, communication expertise, and the tools needed to create impactful social projects. After a series of online seminars, the selected finalists presented and refined their projects during a networking week in Berlin.

The program is generously funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and organized by elda, the european leadership and debate academy, along with project partners Support Ukraine Now, OneUkraine, Institute Respublica, and Right to Dignity.

Photos by Daniel Wetzel

In May 2023, elda started the project “Remember the future”.

Remember the future addressed young, committed Lebanese filmmakers to deepen their filmmaking skills and jointly develop, realise and publish the mini-series “remember the future” dealing with a united peaceful future of Lebanon and shared values.

The program consisted of 8 digital workshops and an intensive week in Lebanon with workshops and 48 hours sprints to shoot a mini series under the umbrella of “Remember the Future”.

This project was realized with our partners Beirut Film Society, She dares by Sabine Abi Aad, INJAZ Lebanon, men.tell and Bromwkhdom and with generous funding provided by the German Federal Foreign Office 🙏

The Female Campaigning School teaches women from Palestine and Lebanon who believe in a pluralistic and democratic society and strive for peaceful social change the resources to take action by gaining in-depth knowledge on social campaigning. During the 1 year project they enhance their skills, promote a topic they are passionate about, and contribute to their personal missions and goals.

We will help you spread your message and effectively reach your audience and goals by providing knowledge and tools for campaign management.

The project consists of … 
… a series of online classes with experts of communications and social campaigning 🧑🏽‍💻
… intensive consultation by the elda team 💁🏽‍♂️💁🏻
… seminars in Ramallah 🇵🇸 and Beirut 🇱🇧
… and the chance to be selected for a final event in Berlin, Germany! ✈

We are proud and excited to work on this project with our partners Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs (PCS), She dares by Sabine Abi Aad, INJAZ Lebanon, Factory-x, men.tell and Bromwkhdom.

Generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office 🙏

Filmmakers meet NGOs addressed young filmmakers and video content creators aswell as NGOs, social activists engaged in civil society believing in a pluralistic and democratic society.

During the program, the participants were provided with the knowledge and tools of storytelling and campaigning, to help them spread their message through film. They were enabled to promote a social issue of their choice by⁠
… a series of online classes with experts from all fields of filmmaking, storytelling and social campaigning 🧑🏽‍💻⁠
… networking⁠
… building a filmmaker-activist-power-couple or team 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏾‍♀️⁠
… developing a film concept and producing a short preview film⁠
… receiving intensive consultation and check ups by the elda team along with an easy and structured template for developing the film concept 💁🏽‍♂️💁🏻⁠
… a 5-day seminar in Beirut 🏖️⁠
… meeting film fund representatives⁠
… presenting the film concept at the award ceremony with the chance to be awarded a cash booster 💰⁠

The program was organised and realised with our partners Sabine Abi Aad @shedaresbysabine, The Beirut Film Society and INJAZ Lebanon @injazlebanon aswell as @men.tell8@bromwkhdom and Read with Ninette @ninetteabiatallah⁠ with generous funding by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Watch the short project video

Watch the Award Ceremony

Young Women for Politics is an opportunity for Palestinian women to get their voices heard and gain more impact in local politics!⁠

The program was created for socially or politically engaged women from the Palestinian territories, to provide them with the knowledge and tools of Democratic change and pluralism, to enhance the women participation in politics.⁠

“Young Women for Politics” contains …⁠
… a series of online classes and mentoring with experts from the fields of political communication and strategy🧑🏽‍💻⁠
… a lot of networking⁠
… developing strategies for women’s political participation in Palestine 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏾‍♀️⁠
… workshops in Ramallah in October 2022⁠ with remote participation from Gaza
… intensive consultation and check ups by the elda team⁠
… a 4-day networking trip to Berlin in January 2023

The project was successfully organized with the valuable help of our Palestinian project partners Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs (PCS) and Factory-x.

Young Women for Politics is generously funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Participants’ projects (click for more information):


Documentation of the networking week in Berlin. Video by Jakob Creutzburg

+++ Podcast “War at Home” on Spotify +++

In fall 2022 young Ukrainian journalists, bloggers, storytellers, media professional and students believing that good journalism can make a difference especially in times of war came together for the program Digital Media Lab.

During a series of online classes the participants received online training from experts from different fields of journalism, storytelling, rhetorics, podcasting and social campaigning.
The group agreed to create a the podcast “War at home – Stories about Life and war from Ukraine”, containing stories from Ukraine, developed, recorded and published by the participants together with the German production company Bosepark during a week of seminars in Warsaw, Poland and Uzghorod, Ukraine.

The project was created with our partners Institute Respublica and Right to Dignity and generously funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Special thanks to our Ukrainian project coordinators Korney Gritsyuk and Philippe Schockweiler.

Podcast “War at Home” on Spotify

female talent academy | Germany, Luxembourg and Europe 2023/24

❓Are you from Ukraine living in Germany or could you imagine to live there?⁠

❓Are you an interested in a sustainable job in a well known European company? 

❓Are you a talent or young professional in a field like IT, project management, tech sales, education, law, economy or creative business or could you imagine to work in one of those fields?

❓Do you want to improve your female empowerment skills, become an insider in German / EU corporate culture and a female pro in communication and leadership techniques, conflict management and obtain personal coaching for your new career start? ⁠

❗️Then we think you are the perfect match for us!⁠

The Female Talent Academy 2023/24 prepares Ukrainian talents for the German and European labor market. The academy recruits, empowers and integrates Ukrainian talents into the participating companies with trainings, online seminars and personal coaching – for their start and onboarding in big European companies.⁠

Interested? ⁠

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please fill out the form and upload your CV. 


For further questions please contact info@eldacademy.org

The Social Campaigning School gives the opportunity to a group of young Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians to learn the tools and techniques of campaigning and mass communication in order to empower them and give them the chance to practice their ideas and beliefs democratically. The aim of the seminar is to empower young leaders to become multipliers of social change.

This project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, and hosted by elda – european leadership & debate academy and Stahlmedien and their partners Factory-x, Sabine Abi Aad and BuildPalestine.

Find the participants’ amazing campaigns here:

Men.Tell by Lama Hatoum & Ola Zeiter on Instagram

Brom w khdom by Leila & Louloua Bachachi on Instagram

Ambulogy by Husni Sawalha on Facebook

Read with Ninette by Ninette Abi Atallah on Instagram and Facebook

Social Media Minimalism by Madleen Abu Irayeh on Instagram

Green Souls Palestine by Habiba Masoud, Ahmed Quraish, Warda Ajjour & Islam Masoud on Instagram

Create Debate! empowers and connects participants in order to increase democratic participation and visibility for actors of social change. Through the 3 phases of the program the participants will learn, cultivate and practice democratic social change.

We proudly present the projects that our participants created during our online academy Create Debate: