In May 2023, elda started the project „Remember the future“. We are happy to announce that it is integrated in Beirut Film Society’s „Cinema for Peace“.

Cinema for peace & Remember the future address young, committed Lebanese filmmakers to deepen their filmmaking skills and jointly develop, realise and publish the mini-series „remember the future“ dealing with a united peaceful future of Lebanon and shared values.

The program consists of 8 digital workshops and an intensive week in Lebanon at the β€œCinema for Peace” Camp and will be conducted by an international team of storytellers, filmmakers and historians. The mini-series will be presented at a screening tour at multiple locations all over Lebanon.

– Free online classes for all applicants
– The chance for a spot at the cinema for peace camp
– Jointly produce the mini-series !remember the future!
– Spread your vision for the future of Lebanon via film

We are proud and excited to work on this project with our partners Beirut Film Society, She dares by Sabine Abi Aad, INJAZ Lebanon, men.tell and Bromwkhdom.

There is no participation fee – generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office @auswaertigesamt πŸ™

+++Applications are closed. Thank you to everyone who applied, we received so many amazing applications, that it was hard to choose! We sent you an email about your participation. If you have not received our email, please check your spam folder+++

Are you a woman from Palestine or Lebanon?
Are you a social activist or engaged in civil society
Do you believe in a pluralistic and democratic society?
Are you striving for peaceful social change, but lacking the resources to take action?
Do you want to get in-depth knowledge on social campaigning, allowing you to enhance your skills, promote a topic you’re passionate about, and contribute to your personal missions and goals?

Then we have the perfect program for you!

We will help you spread your message and effectively reach your audience and goals by providing knowledge and tools for campaign management.

We are looking for young female leaders (and leaders-to-be) from Arab civil society, media, science and politics.

You will be enabled to start innovative and effective campaigns to promote a social issue of your choice during … 
… a series of online classes with experts of communications and social campaigning πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ’»
… intensive consultation by the elda team πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’πŸ»
… seminars in Ramallah πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ or Beirut πŸ‡±πŸ‡§
… and the chance to be selected for a final event in Berlin, Germany! ✈

We are proud and excited to work on this project with our partners Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs (PCS), She dares by Sabine Abi Aad, INJAZ Lebanon, Factory-x, men.tell and Bromwkhdom.

There is no participation fee – generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office @auswaertigesamt πŸ™

femme digitale academy | germany 2022/2023

The Femme Digitale Academy prepares Ukrainian IT talents for the German labor market: It offers suitable jobs for Ukrainian women and skilled professionals for German companies. The academy recruits, empowers and integrates Ukrainian IT talents into the participating companies with trainings, online seminars and personal coaching β€“ for their start and onboarding in big European companies.

It is free for participants, sponsored by companies that are looking for skilled IT employees. 

Start of the workshops: January 2023

We offer…

… a job in IT in a well known European company. 

… a series of trainings with experts from different fields such as coaching, communication, HR, leadership development, 

… networking with other participants as well as HR from big companies.

… personal coaching for your individual career start in Germany or Luxembourg. 

You offer…

… as a professional:
professional education and working experience in an IT job. 

… as a talent: 
other education and some working experience (1-2 years) in the IT field and interest and motivation in specialisation in IT.

… a professional level of English.

… motivation to take part in a kick-off event and ca. 6 3 h online seminars, as well as 2 h individual coaching sessions.