Changing the world within three days!

European Barcamp and Hackathon was held on 16-18 November, Moscow

Can we change this world? Drive social change in Russia, Belarus, Armenia? Impossible? No! It is possible. And: Yes, we can. Between 16-18 November 2018, we brought together NGOs, activists and the creative community to connect, exchange and start new projects under time pressure during a unique European BarCamp. We also announced the first “Changing the World Award” for the best projects of the 24h-hackathon, held during the event.

Democracy rests on debate and civic engagement. With the internet, we have more channels than ever to make ourselves heard. How can we harness digital media for new forms of social campaigning and a vital participatory democracy? How does storytelling for human rights works? How can we raise awareness in society for social change and participation in the democratic process? And what does it take for you to become a relevant actor in the digital environment? These are some of the questions at the core of “Changing the world within three days”, the first European BarCamp and hackathon, held in Moscow on November 2018. So what about you? Are you ready to change the world? We are waiting for your ideas.

What is a BarCamp? The project
The Digital Dialogue 18 series, held in Kyiv and Moscow, was unlike any classical conference you have ever attended. User-generated, fast and fun, it offered a unique opportunity for participants from the creative community, civil society, politics, the tech, and startup scene to come together, learn from each other, start new projects and co-create. Leading experts from tech and politics, filmmaking and storytelling stood ready to provide inputs and feedback and there was ample room for personal reflection. But in the end, it was YOUR conference, a unique “learning and doing experience” driven by participants’ desire to share and learn in an open environment.