+++ Podcast “War at Home” on Spotify +++

In fall 2022 young Ukrainian journalists, bloggers, storytellers, media professional and students believing that good journalism can make a difference especially in times of war came together for the program Digital Media Lab.

During a series of online classes the participants received online training from experts from different fields of journalism, storytelling, rhetorics, podcasting and social campaigning.
The group agreed to create a the podcast “War at home – Stories about Life and war from Ukraine”, containing stories from Ukraine, developed, recorded and published by the participants together with the German production company Bosepark during a week of seminars in Warsaw, Poland and Uzghorod, Ukraine.

The project was created with our partners Institute Respublica and Right to Dignity and generously funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Special thanks to our Ukrainian project coordinators Korney Gritsyuk and Philippe Schockweiler.

Podcast “War at Home” on Spotify