In three seminars our participants focussed on the topics Leadership & Agile Work, Communication & Networking and above all Female Empowerment and meanwhile designed, organized and promoted a hybrid 2-day event.


About the summit.

Although international studies show that more women on the board mean more economic success, women in powerful positions are quite rare to find. It is still not understood that female leadership is not about women’s promotion – it is about the economic wellbeing and innovative power of organizations.

We discussed the issue with women who experienced themselves what it means to be a woman with power:

Anna Christmann, Member of Parliament (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen) (GERMANY)
Maria Mezentseva, Member of Parliament (UKRAINE)
Miranda Tkabladze, IFES Georgia (GEORGIA)
Anastasia Barner, Founder and CEO of Fementor (GERMANY)
Franziska Leonhardt, Founder and CEO of Ave & Edam (GERMANY)
The talk took place in our Berlin studio, Fluxbau of FluxFM and was streamed live via Facebook.


About the project.

The future is female?  Okay, got it. But change does not drive without the right players. That is why we want YOU to become a true leader – with a personality, mindset and skills that make the difference. Being a woman in a predominantly male leadership environment can be challenging. Women on the rise are often struggling with a lack of support. We believe that one of the biggest strengths of female leaders is their ability to connect and build communities. That is why we created a safe space for women who believe they can make a difference and accompany them on their path.