Exclusive and innovative  ELDA Female Leadership Academy 2018/2019 was held in three different cities:

Lviv, Ukraine:                           26th – 30th of November 2018

Tbilisi, Georgia:                        01st – 05th of April 2019

Odesa, Ukraine:                     13th – 17th of May 2019

About the project
The Future is Female? Okay, got it. But change doesn’t drive without the right players. That’s why we want you to become a true leadership personality. Being a woman in a predominantly male leadership culture can be challenging and women on the rise are often struggling with a lack of support. We believe that one of the biggest strengths of female leaders is their ability to connect and built communities. That’s why we created a space for women who believe they can make a difference and accompany them developing not just their own leadership skills and personality but also train them the right techniques to share their gained knowledge with other women after the program is completed.