femme digitale academy | germany 2022/2023

The Femme Digitale Academy prepares Ukrainian IT talents for the German labor market: It offers suitable jobs for Ukrainian women and skilled professionals for German companies. The academy recruits, empowers and integrates Ukrainian IT talents into the participating companies with trainings, online seminars and personal coaching – for their start and onboarding in big European companies.

It is free for participants, sponsored by companies that are looking for skilled IT employees. 

Start of the workshops: January 2023

We offer…

… a job in IT in a well known European company. 

… a series of trainings with experts from different fields such as coaching, communication, HR, leadership development, 

… networking with other participants as well as HR from big companies.

… personal coaching for your individual career start in Germany or Luxembourg. 

You offer…

… as a professional:
professional education and working experience in an IT job. 

… as a talent: 
other education and some working experience (1-2 years) in the IT field and interest and motivation in specialisation in IT.

… a professional level of English.

… motivation to take part in a kick-off event and ca. 6 3 h online seminars, as well as 2 h individual coaching sessions.