In May 2023, elda started the project „Remember the future“.

Remember the future address young, committed Lebanese filmmakers to deepen their filmmaking skills and jointly develop, realise and publish the mini-series „remember the future“ dealing with a united peaceful future of Lebanon and shared values.

The program consists of 8 digital workshops and an intensive week in Lebanon with workshops and 48 hours sprints to shoot a mini series under the umbrella of „Remember the Future“.

– Free online classes for all applicants
– The chance for a spot at the cinema for peace camp
– Jointly produce the mini-series !remember the future!
– Spread your vision for the future of Lebanon via film

We are proud and excited to work on this project with our partners Beirut Film Society, She dares by Sabine Abi Aad, INJAZ Lebanon, men.tell and Bromwkhdom.

There is no participation fee – generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office @auswaertigesamt 🙏